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DC Justice League

Cartoon Photobooth DC Justice League Superheroes and Villains character lineup
Batman Superman Wonder Woman The Flash Green Lantern Batgirl Supergirl
The Joker Cat Woman Harley Quinn Bane Poison Ivy  Two Face  Scarecrow  Cheetah


The DC Justice League first appeared in the comic The Brave and the Bold #28 in February/March 1960 and featured a great lineup with SupermanBatmanWonder Woman, Flash (Barry Allen)Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Later that year the League was given there own comic book series which lasted until issue #261 in 1987. Towards the end of their rein a classic animated series aired on TV called Super Friends (1973–1986).

The animated series returned to the small screen in 2001-2004 as the Justice League and morphed into Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006). A live-action film was in the works in 2008 before being shelved. On June 6, 2012 Warner Bros. announced a new live action Justice League film was in development with fans hanging out for further news. In the meantime there have been some great animated DVD/Bluray releases such as Justice League Doom, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, Justice League – New FrontierJustice League – Secret Origin (2001), Justice League – Justice on Trial, Justice League – Paradise Lost, Justice League – The Brave and the Bold. The latter four are in fact episodes from the Justice League series volume one.

Since 1987 there have been various other Justice League comics including Justice League/Justice League International/Justice League America (1987–1996), JLA (1997-2006) and Justice League of America (vol. 2) (2006–2011). Then in September 2011 all DC titles were canceled and relaunched from issue #1 as the New 52, including the Justice League. The New 52 Justice League characters featured in the Cartoon Photobooth at the 2012 Adelaide Supanova and the comics are awesome.

As far as kids entertainment goes it does not get much better than Super Hero fun and children love seeing themselves on the photobooth screen and then the photostrip which is printed instantly.

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